For the Wall Gallery



(Instructions on ordering listed below)

Leyla Dwelle Photography



8x12 print only $75

12x18 print only $90

16x24 print only $120



8x12 matte and mount $120. (11x14 outer frame)

12x18 matte and mount $160. (16x20 outer frame)

16x24 matte and mount $210. (22x28 outer frame)



12x8 canvas $120

24x16 canvas $240

30x20 canvas $280

36x24 canvas $375

60x40 canvas $750



12x12 canvas $135

16x16 canvas $180

18x18 canvas $270



8x12 metal print $90

12x18 metal print $155

16x24 metal print $260

20x30 metal print $375


SQUARES -Metal Print

10x10 metal print $95

16x16 metal print $130

20x20 metal print $280




**Instructions for ordering gallery art: Click the image you wish to purchase. In the upper right hand corner there is a share button. Click that, copy the web address and then go to the Gallery Prices page (here) again and click this link  l[email protected] . Once I receive the email, I will contact you about your order. You may also use the share link and email within and it will link me directly to your image you wish to purchase. Use the same email address as in the link. 


The reason for not ordering direct from the site is that some of the sizes that I offer for print, are not available through the lab this website uses.**




*Shipping charge will apply to canvas purchases.


*Payment Policy: All payments need to be paid in full, up front, and at the time of purchase.




*Disclaimer: Print Only: If you decide to get the print only option, please know that the quality of the photo may deteriorate over a period of time. It is preferred that the prints are dry mounted on acid-free paper to preserve the quality with no discoloration, warping, color change, etc.


*All orders are personally inspected by me to ensure quality.


*The prices are subject to change at any time.


**ND sales tax will apply on all For the Wall art sold and delivered to ND, as well as on photographic packages and services provided.**